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About me


Brittney Charisse was born and raised in Saginaw, MI.  She is an author & spoken word artist and prides herself on being undefinable. Brittney Charisse began writing through journaling as early as six years old as a means to cope with trauma, and later found a love for masking her pain and expressing herself through creative words.  Her passions include using creativity to reach the unreachable, and showing the love of Christ to those who need it the most.  Through her poetry she strives to let others know that they are not alone and create a safe space for those who deal with the pains of grief, heart ache and life happenings.  Brittney Charisse prides herself on being versatile and flexible with content in order to touch hearts and lead them to a greater resolve, Jesus. A graduate of Michigan State University, She has graced the stage in college classrooms, conferences, high schools, churches and local venues across the nation with one thing in mind: “what you say on stage is only half of your impact, but it’s also about what you say when you step off of the stage.”

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