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Updated: Mar 24, 2019

Ellipsis: "a mark or marks as … to indicate an omission or suppression of letters or words." -

When you see an ellipsis present it can mean that something else is there. For example: You have this sentence describing the qualities and perks of an item and then you see "and much more..." That lets you know that with all of the major qualities listed on the box there is still something that the product offers that you won't be able to see until you open it. I believe that people have an ellipsis after their names or initial introductions. You meet someone and they give you their job title, what they are good at, and typical icebreaker information. There has to be more to them right? What we see in people everyday is more than likely surface level. Until you get in genuine relationship with someone, you'll never know the ellipsis that follows their name, character, or abilities. The same is true for ourselves, God created us for a specific purpose. Throughout our lives we get glimpses of that purpose by the way that we interact with others, or god given talents and our passions. However, we won't fully get what's after the ellipsis without being in relationship with the one who created us. In order to be EVERYTHING that we need to be, in order to understand what comes after our name, we have to seek the creator of us AND the ellipsis. Why am I writing about an ellipsis? I am writing about an ellipsis because I want you to know that whatever has been suppressed, covered or omitted in YOU, can be found in our father. :)

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